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    JIO for iPhone 5s - How to Activate Reliance Jio Sim in iPhone 5s?

    Can I use JIO sim in iPhone 5s?

    An iPhone 5s user can use JIO sim but the user will be able to use only internet and data services and not VoLTE services, it means voice services over LTE will not work in your iPhone 5s just because VoLTE is not supported in this iPhone device.

    As per Apple support centre, they are supporting VoLTE services only from iPhone 6 onwards devices.

    You can check below link of official Apple, about VoLTE and supported devices:

    Any trick to use JIO Internet in my iPhone 5s?

    Well - Of course you can use JIO sim in your iPhone 5S, this phone is LTE not VoLTE. So after getting JIO sim, you need to activate your data service by calling toll free number 18008901977 from any alternate number, but for voice service activation you have to download "Jio join app" from Apple App Store.

    Simple Steps: Insert your JIO sim in your phone > Open JIO join app > Dial 1977 and Activate your voice service.

    Is it possible to generate barcode code in iPhone 5s?

    No - You can't generate barcode code on iPhone 5s and get a JIO sim from others and you can use JIO sim registered by other phone in an iPhone 5s.

    Can I call from JIO sim from my iPhone 5s?

    Still you can make and receive calls from iPhone 5s or any other LTE support phone through JIO sim by only this option, download ‘Jio Chat and Jio4Gvoice app’ and use this app, problem with this app is you need to constantly keep your mobile with data network on for receiving calls.

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