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    New Motor Vehicle Act as on 11/Nov/2015 in Rajya Sabha

    New Motor Vehicle Act passed on 11 November  2015 in Rajya Sabha.

    Offence - Fine

    Four Wheeler vehicles

    Without Belt - Rs 1000
    Without PUC - Rs 1500
    Without Insurance - Rs 10000
    Without paper - Rs 5000 and impound
    Without license - Rs 10000 and vehicle impound
    All original papers should be taken along while driving.

    Mobile while driving - Rs 5000
    Drunk & Driving - Rs 25000
    Three times memo - 'License Japt' in both two and four wheelers.
    After 3rd time of such offence, license stands cancelled pan India.

    Please inform in all your groups.
    Effective from tomorrow.

    1 comment:

    1. How was it passed in Rajya Sabha when the Parliament is not even in session ?


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