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    Mane Mavtar Male to Khodiyar, Meldi, Goga, Ambe Ma, Ramapir Madjo Download

    Most popular song Mane mavtar male to Meldi jeva madjo, here you can have its MP3 version and youtube video which you can download also.

    If you reaching here to get lyrics then you need to wait for some time, we will publish it soon.

    Below are the youtube downloadable video of this very famous song of Gujarat.

    1) Mane Mavtar Made To Kodiyar Maa Jeva Madjo by Jignesh Kaviraj:

     2) Hey Mane Mavtar Made To Meldi Jeva Madjo by Jignesh Kaviraj:

    3) Mane Mavtar Made To Goga Bapa Madjo by Jignesh Kaviraj:

     4) Mane Mavtar Made To Ambe Maa (Ambaji) Madjo Jignesh Kaviraj:

    5) Mane Mavtar Made To Ramapir Jeva Madjo

    6) Mane Mavtar Made To Mahakli (Kadka Maa) Jeva Madjo Jignesh Kaviraj:

    7) Mane Mavtar Made To Mari Chamund Jeva Madjo by Jignesh Kaviraj.:

    8) Mane Mavtar Made To Ambe Maa Jeva Madjo, By Krtidan Gadhvi

    Enjoy if you are Gujarati..

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