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    How Coronavirus Crisis Impacted Weekend Shopping & Online/Offline Stores!

    By Ashwi Pandya
    Date: 26-Jul-2020

    By March 11, 2020, W.H.O. (World Health Organization) announced COVID-19 as a “Global Epidemic” in this universe due to a new virus from China (the country in South Asia), since that day this virus continues its walk around the world. The unpredictability of this ongoing COVID-19 (Chinese virus) crisis has caused fear among people and approximately there are no signs of everything to fall apart, says WHO. Also, WHO added a statement that some countries of Europe and Asia got control but in other countries, there's a huge ratio of infected people.

    India is one of the worst affected countries in the world and its cracking record day by day with the increasing cases. In current situations, the number of coronavirus cases in India is above 10 lakhs undoubtedly.

    Considering the increasing cases or high ratio of COVID-19 cases, several states are following lockdown measures in different ways. Few states are following complete lockdown measures,on the other hand, various states are referring to weekend lockdown rules.

    None other than our economy had been impacted badly due to this reason, so the government has declared unlock with some relaxations looking at the downfall of the economy. Even though stores are reopened across the country, post-coronavirus shopping both online and offline, will look a lot different than it used to before. After unlocking many stores are operating customers at reduced capacity i.e there are limitations in the number of people who can be in store inside at one time to establish social distancing. 

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    Fabric stores or fashion stores are ensuing different restrictions like closing of dressing rooms and “No Exchange, No Return” regulations. However stores are putting stricter sanitation requirements, cleaning of trolleys, and lots of precautions in their premises, people are still feeling fear and insecure about shopping.

    Nowadays weekend shopping sales lose shine for Indian consumers and our citizens have changed their mindsets when it comes to shopping during this pandemic. Despite stores putting social distancing and sanitation measures in their stores, people are feeling panic about shopping, so instead of weekend shopping, the public refers to office hours or regular working days for shopping to get rid of huge crowds in malls and quickly spreading viruses.

    Foremost reasons for reduction in weekend shoppings owning to COVID-19 are mentioned below:
    • The number of corona cases is increasing day by day.
    • People used to move out on weekends for watching movies and then shopping before this COVID 19 crisis. In recent situations, theatres are closed to avoid gatherings of people.
    • Several states in our country are still following weekend lockdown measures to escape from the quick spread of viruses.
    • Work from home culture: For months people have been quarantined at home, only venturing out for the basic needs like groceries and medicines. Hence, it affects individuals' minds and withdraws the concept of weekend shopping. Work from home culture draws people to go out for shopping whenever individual desires.
    • Most prominent factor stirring weekend shopping is “Online shopping”.There are various kinds of applications from where anyone can buy groceries, clothing, and other essentials online with attractive discounts and payment options. Accordingly, people will assign online shopping options more safely than going out in crowded malls.
    • Even Offline bulletins of groceries and other needs that are fated in press and pamphlets coming with newspapers fascinate citizens eyes for products by reading “sanitised and freshly delivered at your doorstep”, “free and safe delivery door to door…”. Of Course it has a connection with weekend shopping because no one has to wait until the weekend arrives.
    • Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 crises, many are going through financial crises . The jobless rate today is almost higher, so in this situation it’s quite difficult to run a house for “Roti, Kapda and Makan…” then how can a common man afford weekend shopping.

    In short, weekend shopping craziness has lost its shine and has come to an end by our citizens considering this global epidemic. It’s definitely a crisis within a crisis.

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