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    DIU Experience & Review - Romantic DIU Beach Moments (Gujarat)

    Ashwi Pandya

    Everyone may heard about this travel saying:

    “Travel experience makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustav Flaubert.

    This quote is 100% true. If you are exhausted from your routine, tight schedule & want to take a break from that then I suggest you to have a trip. It’s my personal experience regarding trip. I was wondering where to go for 3 days trip. So I searched so many places, amongst them I found Diu, a coastal town at the eastern end of Diu Island, India. It is near from our home town “Ahmedabad” and will take 8 hours to reach there, around 350 KM from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. 

    End of September 2018, at night (11 PM) we started our journey from VOLVO bus from Ahmedabad. (
    Which may cost around Rs1200 per person). While travelling in the bus, we have downloaded map of Diu. So it will be easy to find out any place, which we have listed about.

    Lets me start my surprising, more beautiful and fulfilling travel experience in DIU. We stayed there 2 Nights and 3 Days - Friday, Saturday & Sunday in Radhika Beach Resorts. I am sharing the experience day wise so you can plan accordingly. 

    Day 1

    In morning at 8 AM, we reached at Diu. We were dropped at Diu bus station. There were shops near by station for renting two wheelers and four wheeler. We hired Honda Activa, which costs around 500 Rs per day. It should be returned to the owner at 8:00 PM. There are many hotel cum resorts in Diu. Among them Hotel Radhika Beach Resort is well known. (We have booked this report from MakeMyTrip.com)

    For its beauty, amenities, ambience, cleanliness and hospitality. Main attraction is that it is situated exactly facing Nagoa beach, one of the popular beaches of Diu. We have booked our room there for two days. It is necessary to carry Identity cards with us. In amenities, it includes morning tea with royal breakfast, swimming pool, club house, gym etc. Anyway this resort is awesome and I advise you all to stay in this beautiful resort for heavenly feeling, I was mesmerized by the beauty of it and one thing I observed morning to night that sweepers were busy in cleaning each and every corvers of the resort to maintain it. 

    First day our check-in time was 11:00 am, but we called a day before for early check-in. We reached there at 9:00 am. Took our keys from the counter and our luggage was carried by the assistants. When we unlocked the room, I just uttered the words: “Wow! What a fascinating! An hour we spent getting fresh and ordered tea and breakfast from the room. Their service is so quick that within five minutes breakfast with tea was delivered into the room. After having our breakfast we departed for the Nagoa Beach, which we can see from the main gate of Radhika beach Resort.

    1. Nagoa Beach (Most favorable location of DIU):

    Nagoa beach is one of the tourist attraction in Diu. Generally it is crowded with the people enjoying and playing in water, but we had been there in the ending of october and Diwali was arriving soon ,so we didn’t find any crowd.very less people were roaming surrounding the beach.It is very clean beach and water is also clear.Roaming at this beach will give you overwhelming feeling,words can’t describe this.Tides were not much high,so we didn’t feel scary and enjoyed walking in the beach.suddenly i spotted a photographer and called him to take a couple photo to create a memory.He promised to give photo within 30 minutes.There were also many water rides for those who are adventure lovers.It was around 1;30 PM and we felt sweating because of hot noon, so I suggested my partner to go to the room. Outside the beach there are many vendors,who are selling sweet-corn and coconut water and also many food stalls.we went to the room and took rest for three hours.After resting we got ready for Jalandhar beach which is 5 km away from our resort.

    2. Jalandhar beach:

    What a peaceful location! I uttered first after reaching there. This beach is not much popular as Nagoa beach, so you will not find any people there and will give you personalized beach experience. I found water and mud very clean in the comparision of Nagoa beach. One can enjoy swimming as there are less waves. You will not find any kind of eateries or shops around this place. This beach will offer you good leisure time and peace of mind.we did some photography there. In the surroundings you will find some temples and the view point of the beach from those temples are breath-taking. Then it was the time of sunset, so we sat in the mud and enjoyed the beautiful scenario. At 7:30 PM it was so dark, so we left that place and we were in search of good restaurant for our dinner. We didn’t spot any restaurant on the way to our hotel, so we reached there and took dinner at Radhika resort. The food was so delicious and lip smacking, but little bit costly.

    Day 2

    After having a pleasant sleep at night, the morning grows more energetic to seek new places. We got up at 8:00 AM with fresh energy and at the moment we got a call in our room for tea and breakfast. Seriously I got a royal feeling at that minute because routine turned into unroutine for me. We took a bath and left the room for breakfast. There were many items like breadbutter with jam,poha, aluparatha, menduwada, idli, dosa and salad served with tea, coffee, milk and juices. I don’t think we would be having heavy lunch after grabbing all these things. We rang for activa and the owner dropped it at the resort. We started our excursion. First of all we found sea-shell museum on the way.

    3. Sea-Shell museum:
    Captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria of the merchant navy is the owner of this museum. The museum contains awesome collection of more than 3000 kinds of shells. One must see these shells using a magnifying glass. There is also a collection of books on shells and their history. Nature lovers must visit there. Timing is 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

    4. Dinosaur Park:
    I saw a board “Dinosaur Park”, so we went inside. Nothing more to experience because work was under construction. A big statue of dinosaur, play area for children and nearby you will find one temple to visit. It is located near sea, but I must say it’s not a worth place to visit it. We spend only five minutes there and left for Naida caves.

    5. Naida Caves:

    What a wonderful cave! It is clean and well maintained. Arrow marks which are painted on the rocks, shows the direction to visit inside and inside. We spotted one couple who came there for pre-wedding shoot with the team of camera-man. It is the best place for photography. The caves are formation of huge rocks and huge tree roots are hanging below makes the view more magnificent. It’s a must visit place if you are in Diu. Then we departed for Diu Fort after spending two hours there.

    6. Diu Fort:
    A mind blowing place to visit in Diu. The fort is somehow huge and vast area covered. There are many viewpoints from where you can enjoy observing beautiful sea. If you are interested in knowing the history of the fort then must hire guide to know more about the place. Sea water is clean and fresh, we enjoyed sitting there on the rocks and done some photography. It is surrounded by huge walls and cannons. You can see Panikotha inside the sea from the fort. Diu fort has its importance in history as it was built by the portuguese. We stayed almost two hours there wandering one place to another, after that we wanted to visit church, which was near from that fort.

      7. St. Paul's Church : 
    This church is 450 years old made by the portuguese. There are some paintings which explores life events of Jesus. Interior is awesome and one will find peaceful atmosphere there. Photography is strictly prohibited there. I found some posters teaching and nurturing good values and manners in human beings. In short it’s a religious place to visit in Diu if you are a history lover.

    At 3.30 PM, we were back to our resort for having rest as we were feeling sunburn. Did rest for an hour and had a tea. Then we left the room for visiting the remaining places. I opened map for reaching Chakratirth Beach.

      8. Chakratirth beach:
    One of the beach in Diu, which is prominent for sunset view. If you really want to enjoy the scenario of sunset then must reach there at 5:30 PM. The beach is very calm and rocky, so we climbed up the rocks to rejoice the view of sunset. Water was very clean and I was delighted watching big waves touching rocks with beautiful shades of sunset. There also we found couples for pre-wedding shoot accompanied by the sunset view. It's a must isolated beach with panoramic view and totally different from other beaches in Diu. Time was 6:30 PM and it was dark then so we left that place and departed towards Gangeshwar temple.

    9. Gangeshwar temple :
    It's an ancient and very old temple of Lord Shiva, which is located beside the sea. When you will enter into the gate, first of all you will find some benches for sitting near the sea and then you have to go 10-15 stairs down to pray five shivlings. These five Shivlings are washed by high tides every day. This temple was built by pandavas in Mahabharata times. We were there at 7:15PM, so it was too dark to watch shivlings, but with the help of mobile flashlight we made it possible. I felt somehow scary because the high tides were arriving nearer to the shivlings in night time. Most amazing thing to experience there is sitting on the bench and staring at the high tides which comes near you.

    Finally, the day was over and we wanted to reach our resort as soon as possible. Had our dinner there and slept reminiscing all the places we visited that day. Some places like Ghogla Beach, zampa gateway, Diu museum were not visited by us due to shortage of time.

    Day 3

    Final Day:
    We got up early in the morning at 7:00AM keeping in the mind that it was the last morning in Diu, so stepped towards the Nagao beach for morning walk. The sun was rising high in the company of high tides and I felt grateful to see that view. Did walking beside the beach thinking that, “When I will be able to visit this exotic place again?”...Then it was the time for tea and breakfast so went into the room for getting fresh and had breakfast with tea. Physically and emotionally I was not ready to step out from that resort, but we had to check out room at 11:00AM and our luggage was ready in the trolley.

    Ultimately it was the time to say bye bye Diu. We took only memories and left our footprints.

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