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    Reasons why we should not cry for fall in Patrol & Diesel Prices 2018

    Read carefully and think why we should vote only Modi lead BJP in year 2019 elections?

    Its always 80-20% ratio in any kind: Well, its true that Modi Govt fail in 20% areas (Dollar Price + Patrol/Diesel prices), but you need know other 80% which are followed by:
    1. Sugar from INR. 45 to INR. 31, that's indeed a fall ! Eat sweets, Not diesel petrol !! So, just don't cry foul !!!
    2. Dal from INR. 125 to INR. 60, that's indeed a fall ! Eat Dal Thadka, Not diesel petrol !! So, just don't cry foul !!!
    3. Onions from INR. 45 to INR. 8, that's indeed a fall ! Eat dosa utthappam, Not diesel petrol !! So, just don't cry foul !!!
    4. LED bulbs from INR. 400/- to INR. 60/-, that's indeed a fall ! Brighten up the home without a DG set and without diesel petrol !! So, just don't cry foul !!!
    5. Tomatoes from INR. 100 to INR. 15, that's indeed a fall ! Buy tomatoes for 15, and with the balance 85 fill petrol !! So, just don't cry foul !!!
    6. Four years ago you had to climb the staircase at the railway station, now you use the escalator, that's indeed a raise ! Now don't cry foul, instead relax and sing some praise !!!
    7. For Insurance cover of INR. 4 lakhs, the earlier premium rate of INR. 5,000/- to 6,000/-, is now available at just INR. 330/-, that's indeed a fall ! Moral : More of Insurance and Less of petrol !! So, just don't cry foul !!!
    8. Cement price in India INR. 250/-, but in Nepal 600 / Sri Lanka 500 / Bangladesh 500 !Build and Bond with Cement, don't douse and destroy with petrol !! So, just don't cry foul !!!
    9. In four years the average flight cost for 1,000 km was INR. 5,000/-, and is now INR. 3,400/- ! That's indeed a fall ! Fly more and drive less !! So, just don't cry foul !!!
    10. Four years ago we used to get 9 gas cylinders, now we get 12 at subsidized rates, that's indeed a raise ! So, cook more and eat well, don't gulp diesel petrol !! And, just don't cry foul !!!
    11. There's a Man, who along with 350 parliamentarians, is working so hard (16 to 20 hours every day and without any leave), like nobody has ever worked in the past, nor will anybody ever be able to work in the future. Why ? Just for the sake of the Nation, the People, and for the future generations of the world.
    12. He is with the Soldiers at the borders and on the freezingly cold mountain peaks during the festivals like Deepavali, Holi, Eid etc., and is with all the People every Sunday listening to and taking action on our every small grievance and every small / big requests.
    13. He is one, whose Mother lives in a 8' x 10' room. He is one, whose brother runs a small grocery shop.
    14. Instead of understanding and supporting him, what are we doing, and who are we waiting for ? For the return of the Corrupt / the Chor ? Or, are we dreaming that someone will suddenly drop from the Heavens.....like another Prophet or Messenger ?
    15. As we know, Modiji has been causing sleepless nights, simultaneously for those involved in  terrorism, corruption, black money, hoarding, anti-social activities etc. And he is proud to be on "their" hit list for serving the Nation / Humanity / the Entire World.
    16. He is like the Neelkanth Mahadev Shiva, bearing all the poison, so that the Nation and all the people are safe, by shielding them from the harms being caused by the enemies from within and outside India.

    Remember that @NarendraModi is leading the Good against the Evil.

    I don't believe in simply attending condolence sessions at different places, nor do I believe in merely participating at Candle Light Vigils at Jantar Mantar, upon losing near and dear ones / upon losing more of our soldiers / upon wtinessing the loss of innocent lives.

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