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    Accidental Death & Compensation by Section 166 of the Motor act, 1988

    Accidental Death & Compensation:
    (Income Tax Return Required)

    If a person has an accidental death and the person was filing income tax returns for the last three years, then the government is obliged to give ten times the average annual income of the last three years to that person's family.

    Yes, you will be surprised by this, but this is right and it is Government rule. 

    For example, if someone's annual income is  4 lakh 5 lakhs and 6 lakhs in the first, second and third years respectively, its average income is ten times of five lakhs.. means fifty Lac rupees, family of that person is entitled to receive from the Government.

    In the absence of much information, people do not take this claim with the Government.
    If any return is missing, mainly last three years, this could lower the claim amount or even no claim because court takes ITR as only evidence. 

    NO wealth record, FD's; business etc. is given that much importance as compared to ITR in the eyes of law

    Many a time,  people do not file ITRs regularly..or it will be taken lightly..
    Due to lack of information the family receives no economic benefits.

    Source : 

    Section 166 of the Motor act, 1988 (Supreme Court Judgment under Civil/ Appeal No. 9858 of 2013, arising out of SLP (c) No. 1056 of 2008) Dt. 31 Oct. 2013.

    Spread the word. Let someone's family benefit.

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