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    Amazon 1Rs Deal of App Treasure Hunt Clues and answer for 8 Sep 2016

    Amazon App Treasure Hunt on Amazon App Only:
    This Treasure Hunt is by amazon.in India. You have to guess some easy clues or queries by Amazon and on every clues you could win an electronics item.

    You just have to guess the correct and search the answer in amazon app, and if your answer is right then you can buy a product with price Rupee 1. There is no any hidden charges , you need to pay just Rupee 1 with free shipping.

    Below are the Answers of Clues Answers For 8th September 2016
    1. 11.00 Am Clue Answer: TCL 560 Metal Gold Smartphone

    2. 11.30 Am Clue Answer:Adata PowerBank PV150 10000mah Blue for Tablets

    3. 12.00 pm Clue Answer: Moto G4 Plus 4th Gen

    4. 12.30 pm Clue Answer: Intex Aqua Ring

    5. 1.00 Pm Clue Answer: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 tablet, Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse Black

    6. 1.30 Pm Clue Question: Knowledge from the saints

    1.30 Pm Clue Answer: One Plus 3 Graphite 64 Gb Smartphone.... (Never Settled) & Santwissen ST01 Smartwatch Blue
    7. 2.00 Pm Clue Que: Quicksand

    2.00 Pm Clue Answer: Moto G, 4th Gen (Black, 16GB) or Moto G Plus, 4th Gen (Black, 16 GB)

    8. 2.30 Pm Clue Answer: Coolpad Mega 2.5D (Royal Gold)

    9. 3.00 Pm Clue Que: Now basic, the name a tribute to a company's viking heritage – What's Common between a piano role and cricket?

       3.00 Pm Clue Answer: Moto G Play, 4th Gen (Black, VoLTE) & Amazon Basics BTV2, Moto G PLay 4th Gen

    10. 3.30 Pm Clue Question: Creative Life

    3.30 Pm Clue Answer: TCL 562 (Metal Gold)

    11. 4.00 Pm Clue Question: Stuart Has No String Attached

    4.00 Pm Clue Answer: Logitech M275 & Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    12. 4.30 Pm Clue Question: Super Small and the most. Held taut for best results.

    4.30 Pm Clue Answer: Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 11.6-inch Laptop

    13. 5.00 Pm Clue Question: Eagle Symbol of one Brand

    5.00 Pm Clue Answer: Adata 10000 mAH powerbank 10000 mAH

    14. 5.30 Pm Clue Question: From long to short, efficiently.

    5.30 Pm Clue Answer: Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair Trimmer (Black)

    15. 6.00 Pm Clue Answer: Logitech X50 Wireless Blluetooth Speaker

    16. 6.30 Pm Clue Que: Separate Eggs, put the whites in a bowl, whip to form stiff peaks & bake to get____

    6.30 Pm Clue Answer: WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Portable External Hard Drive (Black)

    Tips and Tricks???

    Clues are very easy and every one can play it.
    You will be given a new chance in every 30 min so if your answer is not right then don't upset & prepare yourself for upcoming clues.
    If you internet is fast then search the clue on google/twitter or any social media as fast as you can.
    Search clue with Inverted commas in Google or Twitter, it will help you.

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