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    Redmi Note 3 Tips and Tricks to Auto Buy on Amazon.in on Next Flash Sale

    Evertime when you are fedup by waiting for one the finest phone ever in India, which is Redmi Note 3 (16GB and 32GB) - You are searching to buy it Automatically, no worries here is proven trick to buy Redmi Note 3 on Amazon.in

    What you need to do is just run the scrip on your browser and take your favorite phone in checkout.

    > First Register your self at Amazon here: Register Redmi Note 3

    This script will work for all Redmi Phones:

    Silver 16gb:

    setInterval(function(){ $('button:eq(0)').trigger('click'); console.log("working"); }, 10);

    Gold 32gb

    setInterval(function(){ $('button:eq(1)').trigger('click'); console.log("working"); }, 10);

    Gold 16gb
    setInterval(function(){ $('button:eq(2)').trigger('click'); console.log("working"); }, 10);

    Dark grey 32gb
    setInterval(function(){ $('button:eq(3)').trigger('click'); console.log("working"); }, 10);

    Dark grey 16gb
    setInterval(function(){ $('button:eq(4)').trigger('click'); console.log("working"); }, 10);

    How to use this script to Buy?

    Before 5 Minutes Reach to the Redmi Note 3 Page:
    1. Right click in the page
    2. Then Click on “Inspect Element” 
    3. Click on “Console”
    4. Paste the above code and press “Enter”.
    5. Your phone will be added to your cart.

    Make sure you need to Complete the order within 15 mins.

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