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    Trick to Buy Script for Lenovo VIBE P1m Flash Sell on 28th Oct @ Flipkart

    The next upcoming phone of Lenovo is coming on 28th Oct 2015 - Do you want to Auto buy this awesome phone? then here is the Tips Script to buy from Flipkart in 5 seconds.

    Updated information to auto buy Lenovo VIBE P1m first Flash Sale:
    Before you can buy, first you must need to register on official Flipkart page of Lenovo (Registration already started  till Oct 27, 11:59 PM)

    Click Here: http://Flipkart.com/LenovoVibeP1m to Register Lenovo VIBE P1m @ Rs 7,999 Only

    Below is the script which you can run on your browser console to auto buy successfully:

    setInterval(function(){ $('.jbv-buy-big').trigger('click'); console.log('Congrats, Its working!!Dont press any key until we add Lenovo VIBE P1m automatically to your cart.'); },7);

    Note: This will work on Flash sale day only.

    Simple steps to run this script and have this phone in your check out cart:

    Step 1: Go to Lenovo VIBE P1m Flipkart page: Click Here
    Step 2: Right click > "Inspect Element"
    Step 3: Open "Console" tab
    Step 4: Paste Script code in the console tab & Enter.
    Step 5: Keep refreshing the page until the "Buy Now" will appear

    Happy Buying!!

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