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    Tips & Trick to Buy Yureka Plus on Amazon.in with Auto Script

    Look like it is trend now to buy latest smartphone through flash sale. Back to Back Yureka's second version Yureka Plus Coming in the market on 6th August 2015. Do you have a plan to purchase this awesome phone? Don't worry, we will help you by auto buy script, below is the trick in form of java script to buy Yureka Plus at Amazon.in.

    InformationGuru already have nice experience with this script in past, lastly we helped Users to Auto Buy Lenovo K3 from Flipkart with using this same script. So, we guaranty that you will sure book Yureka Plus phone on sale day in just 7 seconds with this tips & script on Amazon.in

    What you need to do is go with step by step procedure, nothing else. No Extra software installing, No Extra Chrome/Firefox Ad-on installing or No waiting. Buy just in seconds!!

    Updated for Yureka Plus Flash Sale On 19-Aug-2015 | 12 PM @ Amazon: 

    As usual you need to first register entry on official Amazon website [Registration Link:]: amazon.in/YurekaPlus

    Below is the Latest Trick script to Auto Buy Yureka(Play God) Plus @ Rs 8,999 Only:
    setInterval(function(){ $('.jbv-buy-big').trigger('click'); console.log('Congrats, Its working!!Dont press any key until we add Yureka Plus automatically to your cart.'); },10);

    This Trick script will work on flash sale day only! We are guaranteed that, you will sure auto buy this awesome phone if and only if you run the script successfully through console.

    How to use scripts? Steps:
    1. Go to Store URL and open it: Yureka Plus
    2. Right click anywhere then select "Inspect Element"
    3: Click on "Console"
    4: Paste this free Script in the console and long press Enter, wait for 10 seconds only! (You will see Yureka Plus goes in your Amazon Cart)
    5: If "Step 4" working then keep refresh the store page until the "Add to Cart" will appear. Keep your eye on Opened Page for any updates, keep in mind Amazon giving 10 Minutes to complete the whole procedure of buying, you can order through Cash on delivery.

    Enjoy, and keep smiling, have a Happy Life with your new phone!

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