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    Tips & Trick to Auto buy Lenovo K3 Note @ Flipkart.com on Flash Sale Day

    Every time on Flash sale day of Lenovo K3 Note on Flikart.com, are you fed of not getting it in your Cart? No worries here is working Trick to Auto buy it, You are not only the person to get Lenovo K3, you will be luckiest. The solution is now you can auto buy this amazing low cost and highly recommended phone in seconds on its flash sale day. You just need to run extra script within your browser. Indeed! See the magic, you will see "Lenovo K3 Note" in your Flipkart cart. After then you have 15 minutes to complete the buying procedure. See Below!

    Updated for K3 Note Flash Sale:
    Before to buy first you need to register on official Flipkart:
    (Registration will open from Aug 11, 11:59 PM till Aug 18, 11:59 PM)

    Here is the Trick script from you can Auto Buy Lenovo K3 Note @ Rs 9999 Only:

    setInterval(function(){ $('.jbv-buy-big').trigger('click'); console.log('Congrats, Its working!!Dont press any key until we add Lenovo K3 Note automatically to your cart.'); },7);
    Please Note: This script will work on sale day only!

    As its first Flash sale on Flipkart, we guarantee that, you can auto buy if and if only if you will run this script in your browser console.

    * Here are the 5 steps to buy K3 Note successfully "& Not Risky": (Be sure this will work on Flash sale day only)

    Step 1: First go to this URL: Lenovo K3 Note - Black 16 GB | White 16 GB | Yellow 16 GB
    Step 2: Right click and select "Inspect Element" option (or Just Press F12).
    Step 3: Click on "Console" tab (Blank Console will open)
    Step 4: Paste the Auto Buy Script code in the console tab and press Enter, wait for 7 Seconds! (You should see Lenovo K3 Note in your Flipkart Cart)
    Step 5: If "Step 4" will not work then keep refreshing the page until the "Buy Now" appear on the page!
    Step 6: Keep an eye on Page and Any updates

    We are always wishing for your successful purchase! Thumbs Up! Have a Happy Life!

    Lenovo K3 Note Accessories:



    1. Has anyone got a lenovo k3 note any colour as i didnt register for 2days(15th) sale?

    2. Oh guruji...kab daloge script? Sale ke baad?

      1. Sorry for the inconvenience, script is live now..


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