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    Unblock Banned Nowvideo, Novamov & Dailymotion in India

    In Early May 2015, India Banned some free online streaming movie websites like Nowvideo, Novamov, Videoweed, Dailymotion and Movshare. Which are most popular and fastest streaming websites in the world. Don't worry here are few steps to open this websites even if you are surfing from Indian IPs. Dailymotion is also banned in India and Indian users can't open or see any video from this website.

    Below are the different alternative ways/steps to open banned or blocked websites:

    Option 1: Open with Secure Server

    Try to open your favourite website with its secure server, Example: To open Dailymotion.com just put https:// before URL, which means open this URL: https://www.dailymotion.com Or https://nowvideo.sx

    Option 2: Open with free VPN services

    You need to hide your original IP and for that VPN service will help you to open blocked website. Just go HERE to setup new VPN, go with instruction and steps provided by this website (freevpnaccess.com) for MAC and Windows PC.

    Option 3: Translate URL

    Translate particular URL with Google or Bing Translation service, just put the movie url in the translation area and click on the translated URL.

    Option 4: Use IP address instead of URL

    Try open particular website with its IP address, to find websites IP address first Go to Command prompt (Terminal in MAC) and write Ping <Space> Website URL & Enter. This will return an IP address, now open this in your web browser.

    Option 5: Short URL Redirection 

    Short the URL first with Moourl.com or Snipurl.com to bypass from blocking. Enter your url in Moourl and click on Shortened URL

    Option 6: Search Engine Web Cache

    Search the Particular URL in the search engines like Google.com or Yahoo.com - and Click on the 'Cached' link, just right of the searched results. & Enjoy your movie.. See below image:

    Option 7: Surf through Internet archives

    Open Archive.org and put the url in this wayback machine and click on Take me back. Now click on any date which had cached data of that URL.

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