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    Obama and Modi Top Trending Images of RepublicDay 2015

    Below are top treding Modi/Obama images which where viarled during American president Barak Obama was visited India & met Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi, President Pranab Mukharji & other Politicians.

    The top trending images was filtered from Social share of Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google plus and another 15 Social plateforms.

    1. Marigold decorations spotted in Delhi

    2. Three outfit changes,PM Modi's so far beating Michelle Obama:

    3. Obama having some quality time via +Faking News :

    4. Nuclear Deal Done:

    5. Knew those chaiwala skills would come in handy someday!:

    6. A hotline between POTUS:

    7. 16 Lakh + likes in 9 hrs on Namo's this post:

    8. Second best quip:

    9. Lets laugh on those 65 MPs who had written letter 2 USA asking to not give Visa to Modi:

    10. Meanwhile these 2 guys were found outside :

    11. Best quip:

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