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    Article: Look Fashionable with these Clothing during Travelling

    St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” True. Travel may equate to luxury but it gives you something you can never learn in four corners of a classroom.

    When you travel, you always look forward to the places you’re going. However, there is one thing you need to consider every time you go on a vacation: what you will wear. Personal style is strongly advisable but don’t you think you need to consider the place you’re going to?

    Don’t worry ladies. Packing can be challenging but here are few key pieces you should have in your luggage.

    Staple clothing items for every wanderer

    Never, ever leave your home without dark skinny jeans inside your backpack. It’s multi-functional. You can pair it with a nice top and start your soul-searching in a new place or fold it up as you walk across the streets of LA – or wherever you are heading too. Plus, it can be paired easily with your fave comfy shoes.

    Tank top and tees
    Fashion statement comes and goes but tank tops and tees will always be there at your service. It is the easiest way to change an outfit and can work well with your travel itinerary – without worrying about your shirt being ruined. Just go for plain, solid colors so you can match it with your accessories easily.

    If you want to look glamorous sans the effort to do so, then pack up those dresses for that chic look. When it comes to dresses “for travel,” make sure to go for that all-occasion style such as maxi dress, floral or halter neck swing. Don’t forget that little black dress too since you’ll never know when the occasion calls for it.

    Shorts are perfect when you’re going to a place with a hot climate and jeans simply won’t cut it. If you are about to go on a city adventure or plan to re-visit your childhood memories (yes, that means going to Disneyland or Universal Studios), shorts are your perfect companion. They can also be great pieces, which you can work with from day to night.

    As women you always want to look gorgeous whether it is a day or night. Therefore nightwear is also an important for travelling. Nowadays stylish nightwears are more popular. There should be some hidden fashionable nightwear in your wardrobe for a special outgoing trip. Now you can buy such a fashionable nightwear online at PrivyPleasures.

    What’s the point of having a rocking outfit when you don’t have shoes to pair it with? However, what shoes to bring can be a nightmare so make sure to pack something that is both comfy and practical. And by comfy and practical, this means a pair of flats, cute sandals or sneakers (you know that Chucks will come in handy someday). 

    Leather or denim jackets can be bulky. If you will need something to cover your shoulders when you’re about to visit a museum or the weather became a bit chilly, then make sure to have a cotton or knit cardigan within reach. Plus, it can be a good way to dress up your outfit since it can be paired with anything.

    What’s the best way to add spice to your look? Accessorizing it, of course. Bring statement pieces that will turn your t-shirt and jeans combination or little black dress into an outfit. Oh, and don’t forget the sunglasses too.

    Are you ready to go on a fashionable adventure? 

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