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    Ebola Virus Meme & Jokes on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter

    Now a days, whatsapp users sending messages about dangerous virus came from Nigiria. They are using Ebola in funny way. Here are some the example of Ebola Meme:


    2) Beware:Isne-Bola, Usne-Bola, Ye-Bola, Wo-Bola are more dangerous viruses than Ebola

    3) Epic on whatsapp: One fwds: Have hot water+salt bath to cure Ebola Next day: Other fwds: 3 died of having hot water+salt bath ROFL....

    4) Indian Flag DP's in facebook, twitter & whatsapp are spreading faster than ebola virus

    5) I don't know the virus of EBOLA, but I know more dangerous virus that Women have........... Guess...

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    More meme Coming Soon...

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