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    Goodbye Wording to Colleagues while Leaving the Organization

    Farewell wordings/e-mail/massages to/for colleagues - While you leaving your organization if you want to express your feelings with your Colleagues, best friends or employees then this example will be the best choice.

    Email Subjest: A Final Leave

    Dear Team,

    I thank you for all the contributions and support you provided to me during my tenure with my organization. I cannot miss to appreciate:

    Kushal's Noble Gesture of getting me that Cheese Sandwich when I was working after official hours;

    Mehul's Empathy that always helped me to cool off when it was needed and his eagerness to support me personally, financially and other ways possible;

    Alpesh's Participatory and Involvment in helping me accomplish what I wanted to, for the organization;

    Harendra's patience for bearing my high pitch tone when I was mad at the situations;

    Jigar's knowledge that he shared with me;

    Harshil's respect and regards towards me;

    Kaushal's patience when there were unintentional delays from my end to send or share work related information with him; and

    My manager's support regardless of my candidness; and his patience for excusing my high pitched tone at most intervals, if not often.

    I apologize to everyone if I've ever hurt your sentiments or caused any inconvenience to you unintentionally.

    Sincere Regards,
    Vikram Charlie

    *In bold words (name) you can place the names of your Colleagues/friends.

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