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    India's mood changed to Alok Nath Jokes after CID, Rajnikanth & Jadeja

    Last couple of week we have seen big trend for Alok Nath Jokes, Alok Nath is Indian film and TV shows actor. Basically his role is for Father or Grand Father.

    Last week we had shown some very funny tweets on Twiiter & funny update in different Facebook pages. Here is all the collection of those Jokes, Memes & funny images. Hope you like it, please share your experience in comment box. You can share this messages with your circle in Facebook or Twiiter or any Social networks.

    >> Here is some Tweets/Messages/FB Updates/Memes, we have chosen from Lacs of tweets.

    1) When Alok Nath was born, nurse said "Mubarak ho Babuji hue hain"

    2) Jesus's father = God = Babuji = Alok Nath = Alok Nath is God.

    3) Somebody had changed all of Alok Nath’s roles in wikipedia to ‘babuji’, only to have an admin revert it to original.

    4) Alok Nath mania Justified a proof: I searched google and even Google wikipedia says alok nath is a" SANSKARI BABUJI "
    Bahu: Babuji, I am going to the market. ALOK NATH: Take my Sanskaar!
    Bahu: Enough Babuji!
    ALOK NATH: I am just saying take my son's car!

    6) Alok Nath's favourite item song is... "Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo."
    7) Breaking news:
    After salman khan launched 'BEING HUMAN'..... alok Nath has decided to launch ' BEING BABUJI '

    8) Daamad : Babuji, ab mai chalta hoon.. waise, aapke joote achhe hain.. Alok Nath : Daamad ji, khaake zaroor jaayiega..

    9) ‘Alok Nath removes his slippers before playing TempleRun and distributes 'prasad' after crossing each level.’

    10) Once Alok Nath was sent to jail for illegal work .. and they made him grind the wheat.. . . since then the flour is known as ASHIRWAD AATA.

    11) Today Alok Nath decided to kill every single person who has cracked jokes on him. But then,he dropped the idea. Kyunki... Aaj mangalwaar hai

    12) Mahatma Gandhi Is The Father Of The Nation.. Alok Nath is The Father In Law..

    13) Sunny Leone to Alok Nath -- You can touch me anywhere baby! Alok Nath touches her head and says "jeeti raho beti" :D

    14) Hone wali saas : kya aapki beti me sanskar hai?? Beti ka Baap : Meri beti ALOKNATH certified hai ji

    15) Ye to Hadd ho Gayi.............. Aloknath got a Dog.............and he Barks.."bowji" :P"

    >> Now we are sharing some Funny Images, which had uncontable engagement in Twitter/Facebook India:








    Hope you will like all funny memes. Be Keep on Information Guru India for more funny memes on Aloknath. We will publish more images and messages day by day.

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