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    My First Blog Post at InformationGuru.in | Jigar Pandya

    Hello, World…

    You may don’t know me, This is my first Blog as a Blogger. To start my personal Blog, I had taken 2 years of time, I know this may be longest time I ever had taken, I bag your Pardon!!

    From the Domain name (InformationGuru.in), It may possible that, you will think as I am an Information Guru, But informally this site covers all the people from the Global who want to share their personal views and information on different Categories!

    Everyone can find and post Free information with all categories, i.e Education, Bollywood, Cooking, Technology, Sports (Cricket, Hockey, Football),  Hollywood, University Info, Competitive exams dates with results,  Cultural, Science, language, organization, Economics, Women, Global News, Country News, Television, Regional Cinema, Politics, Government, Music, Business, Internet marketing, Web design, Web development, E-Commerce, B2B, Real estate etc.

    If you want to share your post with world, contact me at : informationguru@post.com
    I will definitely publish your information with your own website link (with Anchor Text as you recommend) - Technically we called this process as “Guest Post".

    You can find my basic information is at : About me page & Share your valuable thoughts with me If you have any suggestion or Question!!

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