Think before vote in 2014 Elections India:

Before Voting in 2014 please remember the following 25 statements of Congress/UPA & its allies:

1. People will forget the coal scam like they forgot Bofors – Sushil Shinde

2. People join the Police and Army to die – Bhim Singh

3. Our soldiers were not killed by Pakistani army but by terrorists wearing the uniform of Pakistani army – AK Antony

4. If there is no water to drink then should I pee in the dams to bring water? – Ajit Pawar

6. Inflation is high because people purchase gold.- P. Chidambaram

7. Money does not grow on trees – Manmohan Singh

8. We do not have a magic wand that we can control inflation – Manmohan Singh

9. By killing cows we do not harm the country. If we do not kill cows, India will face a huge problem - Sharad Pawar

10. If Sonia ji says, I will even sweep the floor – Bhakta Charan Das

11. East India Company came to loot India 400 years back. I again invite you to come to India for the next 200 years.
There will be a huge reward for you: — P.C. Chidambaram, London 1999

12. Mother India is a demoness: Azam Khan

13. People can eat their fill in five rupees: — Raj Babbar

14. If we start protecting cows, the world will say that we are taking India to the 15th century - Nehru, 1952

16. The poor are responsible for inflation: — Manmohan Singh

17. This country is at risk not because of Islamic terrorists but because of Hindu terrorists: — Rahul Gandhi

18. I will not say Vande Mataram: — Hamid Ansari

19. Sonia ji cried a lot when the terrorists were killed at Batla House: — Salman Khurshid

20. When a big tree falls, the ground shakes : Rajiv Gandhi on the murder of 4,500 Sikhs - Rajiv Gandhi

21. People are eating more that is why inflation is high: — P.C. Chidambaram

22..There is no such thing as poverty in India. It is a state of the mind – Rahul Gandhi

23. Narendra Modi is Maut ka Saudaagar: Sonia Gandhi

24. I can become a parliamentarian any time I want. It is a small thing for me – Robert Vadra

25. People from UP are beggars. They go to Punjab and Gujarat to beg: — Rahul Gandhi

Think before you vote!!

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