KBC is all set to be launch its Season 9 - Kaun Banega Crorepati 2017 started from 17th June 2017 registration has be started online, SMS and Sony Live App.

Host: Star of the Millennium Sr. Amitabh Bachhan

The most awaiting Indian reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati is started asking questions daily after 9 PM on Sony Channel India. Below is the list of all the questions which will be asked by Amitabh Bachhan himself. We will update this page realtime when the every new questions are published dailly. You can bookmark or share this page with your friends.

Question 1 of 17th June : You can answer till 18th June, 9 PM.

Question 1: In Which kingdom is the story of the “Bahubali” series of the films mainly set (बाहुबली फिल्मो की कहानी किस साम्राज्य के इर्द गिर्द होती है)?

Options: (A) Magadh (B) Mahishmati (C) Kalinga (D) Badami

Answer of Question 1 is: (B) Mahishmati

Question 2 of 18th June  : You can answer till 19th June, 9 PM.

Question 2: Currency Notes of what denomination were demonetised in November last year by the Reserver Bank of India?

Options: A: Rs. 500 & 1000, B: Rs. 1000 & 10000, C: Rs. 1000 & 5000, D: 500 & 2000

Answer of Question 2 is: A: Rs. 500 & 1000

Question 3 of 19th June : You can answer till 20th June, 9 PM.

Question 2: Coming Soon

Options: Coming Soon

Answer of Question 2 is: Coming Soon


How to Answer the question or how you can confirm your entry to KBC 2017 - Know below?

Dial 505252501, if your answer is option A. For option B dial 505252502, for option C dial 505252503, and for option D dial 505252504.

Jio Users and other subscribers, download the SonyLIV app now and follow the instructions to send in your answers. You can also log in to www.sonyliv.com to register.

To put in your answers through SMS, type KBC-SPACE-YOUR ANSWER (A/B/C/D)-SPACE-YOUR AGE-SPACE-YOUR GENDER (M- Male, F- Female, O- Others) and send it to 509093.

Comment below if you have any query or contact us any time at info@informationguru.in
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